How to Make Awning Curtains

What You'll Need
Material for the curtain
Two small screw hooks and eyes
Two 2-inch 90-degree screw-in hooks
Sewing machine
Tape measure
Thin nylon cording and cigarette lighter

Awning curtains add a nice touch to any room and are not difficult to make.

Step 1 – Decide Which Window

The basic design for an awning curtain is very simple and requires little more than basic sewing and measuring skills. For your first attempt why not choose a small kitchen window?

Step 2 – Measure the Window

An awning curtain is not designed to fit a window precisely so measurements can include any parts of the wall around the window. Many awning curtains are in the form of tapestries and are hung from ceiling height.

Step 3 – Buy the Materials

You will need a piece of material that is 2 inches wider and 6 inches deeper than the dimensions you have measured. For example, if you want an awning curtain to cover an area 36 inches wide-by-48 inches deep you need a piece of material 38 inches long by 54 inches wide. Make sure that any pattern in the material will be vertical when fitted. You will also need two rods the same length as the width of the area to be covered.

Step 4 – Seam the Material

Create seams down the sides of the material by folding 1 inch of material to the wrong side of the fabric. Pin the seams and sew them with a machine or by hand.

Step 5 – Create Pole Pockets

Create a pocket for a pole at each end of the material by folding 3 inches of the material to the wrong side of the fabric. Create a seam of 1/4 inch before sewing the pocket.

Step 6 – Insert the Rods

To make sure the rods will fit easily, insert a rod into each pocket.

Step 7 – Create an Opener

If you want to be able to raise and lower the awning, you will need to use a simple arrangement of cords. On each end of the upper rod, screw in an eye. On each end of the lower rod, screw in a hook.

Step 8 – Create a Cord Latch

Tie a thin nylon cord to each eye in the top rod. Seal the end of the cord with a cigarette lighter to stop it from raveling. Starting at the top of each cord and tie a small loop at 6-inch intervals. These loops need not be very large but each should be the same distance from the top. Using nylon cord enables you to adjust the loops very precisely before you finally tighten them.

Step 9 – Hang the Awning Curtain

The eyes at the end of the top rod can also be used to attach the curtain to the wall if you use a 2-inch 90-degree screw-in hook. The curtain will hang vertically and should have no creases.

Raising the curtain is simply a matter of fitting the hooks in the bottom rod into the loops in the nylon cord at the desired level. Do not roll the curtain. These curtains are not designed to open more than 1/2 way up a window.