How to Make Bathroom Door Signs

What You'll Need
Tracing paper
Hot poker

Door signs can be very useful and bathroom door signs, in particular, are very important to stop people from intruding on each other. You can buy ready-made signs but they’re often very generic. It’s far better to make your own so you can have unique signs that suit your home perfectly.

Step 1 - Design

The door sign can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. However, all signs should be the same size. Begin by making a frame that will be the same size as the sign then working within the parameters of it. Once you have a few designs you like, put tracing paper over them and trace them. These will be the templates for your door signs.

Step 2 - Transferring to Wood

Make sure your wood is cleanly sanded and smooth. Line up the traced design over the wood, Attach the tracing paper to the wood using tape to keep it in place as you transfer the design. Take a pencil and follow the lines of the design. Press down hard and the outlines will be transferred to the soft wood. When you’ve finished, remove the tape and the tracing paper.

Step 3 - Painting

When you’re ready to paint, make sure you use a paint that will stick on wood easily. Begin by painting any background colors and allow to dry completely. Next, paint in the outlines and lettering. Allow to dry again before proceeding. Add other colors as you wish as well as any integrated designs. Allow each color to dry before applying the next.

When you’re happy with your painting and everything is dry, you can apply a coat of sealant to stop wear to your bathroom door signs.

Step 4 - Stencil

Instead of painting the complete sign, you can also create a stencil instead. This should be as simple in design as possible. Cut out the areas of the design and place it over the wood, using tape to keep it in place.

Now, you can paint your stencil. Be careful with your brush (you can also use spray paint). When you’ve finished, remove the stencil very carefully and allow the paint to dry. Again, you can apply sealant over the top for added protection if you wish.

Step 5 - Poker

You can use a hot poker to burn a sign, although this can be a dangerous activity. Also, the sign will need to be very simple and plain. Make your design consist of just a few strokes.

Clamp the wood in place. This should ideally be done outside on a piece of concrete or stone. Heat the poker until it is red hot using a fire. Wearing gloves, lightly apply the poker to the wood to make your design.

If the poker loses heat and won’t burn your all your design into the wood, reheat it and continue. When you’ve finished, put the poker aside making sure it can’t burn anyone or anything. Allow the wood to cool before inspecting your sign.