How to Make Bay Window Curtains

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Heavy Curtain Material
Lining Material
Tacking Pins
Sewing Machine
Dress Makers Chalk

Bay window curtains are usually longer than the curtains you hang on regular windows. Bay windows can be semi-circular or semi-hexagonal, making them slightly longer in shape when compared to ordinary straight-across windows. Making your own curtains for your bay window is much the same technique as making regular curtains, and the same tools and materials would be required.

Step 1 – The Material

Measure the entire height and length of the bay window. If it is a curved semi-circular shape, account for the entire curve. If the bay window is hexagonal shaped, take the measurement of each individual section. The amount of material you will need should be at least triple the length of the window. For example, if your entire window measures 66 inches, you should use 198 inches of material for the expanse of the window.

Step 2 – The Long Drop

Measure the drop you will need for your material by measuring from the curtain rail to the floor. You may not want your curtains to touch the floor, so decide on the chosen length and cut the material correctly.

Step 3 – Cutting the Material

Cut the length of material that you will need and hem the edges with tacking pins. Hand sew them with a loose running stitch to attach them, and then remove the pins. Cut the lining material so that it is one inch shorter than the curtain material on either edge and from the top to the bottom.

Step 4 – Hem the Lining

Hem the lining in the same way you did the curtains. Leave a hem of approximately one inch around the edge.

Step 5 – Sewing the Two Parts Together

Sew the two parts together with a sewing machine. Keep the curtains facing inside out while you hem the edges and connect the two pieces together. Leave a gap of about ten inches so that you can use that to turn the curtains the right way out. Then, carefully and neatly hand sew the gap.

Step 6 – Curtain Hanging

The curtains will need to hang from the curtain rail. Much of how you do the next part relies on the style of curtain rail you intend to hang your curtains from. If your curtains are tracked you will need to create eyes for the hooks to hang in. If your rail is a plain pole you will need to make tabs to loop over the rail. Make the tabs by cutting the material from the top down, around six inches. This will also need to be accounted for when you size the initial material. Plan ahead so that your curtains will still reach the correct length when the tabs are included.

Step 7 – Finishing

Complete the curtains by trimming off any loose threads. Cut the thread free from the sewing machine and tidy up any loose pieces of thread that may have attached to the curtains. Your curtains may need ironing if they have become creased, but if not, you can hang them straight away.