How to Make Bench Frames for a Home Diner How to Make Bench Frames for a Home Diner

What You'll Need
Miter saw
Wood screws
Wood Glue
Tape Measure

Creating a home diner table and bench set is an easy way to decorate your kitchen. You can use your home diner set to make an attractive breakfast nook area, or you could create an intimate evening dinner area. Home diner sets can even be used to create a traditional family supper area. When you are making this table and bench set, the most important thing that you need to do is to make the bench frame for your seating area. This needs to be strong enough to support the weight of family members, and wide enough to provide comfortable seating. Making a bench frame to be used in a home diner set is not very difficult.

Step 1 - Cut out the Seats

Begin by cutting down some plywood 2x4s to make your seats. Measure the area where you want to use the home diner benches, and work out how long you need the seats to be. Measure this on your plywood boards, and then use your jigsaw to cut out the pieces. You need to make all of these boards as identical in cut and length as possible, so you may want to lay them on top of one another in order to cut them neatly, or you could cut one and use this as a template for the other 2x4 boards.

Step 2 - Cut the Supports

You will then need to proceed to cutting the supports. You need to make 6 legs for the seat, which should measure around 1 1/2 to 2 feet in height, and about a foot in width. You need to make support struts to fit to these legs. Start by cutting some 5-feet long plywood 2x4s. Cut these to slightly smaller than the seats which you have just made.

Step 3 - Cut the Notches

Take your jigsaw, and make some notches along both sides of the legs. These notches need to be large enough to fit one of the struts inside it, and there should be enough holes to hold each of the struts you have cut. Once the cuts have been made with the jigsaw, you need to sand these down using some sandpaper.

Step 4 - Construct the Bench Frame

Take your first support strut, and lay it down on the ground. Apply a little wood glue to one end of the support, and then take a leg, and press the support into the notch. Allow the glue to dry slightly, and then screw down the support using a drill and some wood screws. Repeat for the other end of the strut, and then add the third leg for this bench in the center. You can then add the next strut to the legs, and continue until you have made the bench frame for both seats. Add the seating panels, and then cut some lengths to make the back of your benches. Trim down the ends of your 2x8 lengths using your jigsaw, and then add these to the edge of the bench frame.

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