How to Make Biodegradable Soap

What You'll Need
Coconut oil
Olive oil
5-oz coffee
Sauce pan
Measuring cups
Wax paper
Wooden spoon
Plastic container with lid
Safety gloves
Protective eye gear
Measuring cups

With the consciousness nowadays of people to use only environment-friendly products like biodegradable soap, many soap manufacturers are now producing them in numbers. The use of biodegradable ingredients to make a soap not only does not contribute to the degradation of our environment but is also considered safer to use than chemical soaps. This practice of using biodegradable soap is a step to a healthy lifestyle. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to make biodegradable soap.


Step 1-Determine the Kind of Biodegradable Soap to Make

Determine what flavor of biodegradable soap is to be made. Ready all the necessary ingredients for the soap to be made. This procedure will create a biodegradable coffee soap. When working on the biodegradable soap, it is recommended to use protective eye gear and gloves for protection.

Step 2-Setting up for Coffee Biodegradable Soap

First thing to do is to make a cup of coffee. Refrigerate the coffee mix to cool. In a measuring cup, pour in 5-oz of cooled coffee. Set up a measuring cup on a scale and set it to zero for manual scales or to switch the knob to “on” for digital scales when the measuring cup is positioned.

Step 3-Adding Lye

Two ounces of lye must be poured into a measuring cup. Because the fumes created could be unsafe, pour the lye in an area where ventilation is good. Carefully pour the lye into the coffee mix making sure that no splashes get in contact with any surface areas.

Step 4-Setting the Temperature

Set aside the lye and the coffee mix. The coffee will become hot. A thermometer will be used to determine the temperature of the mixture which is expected to reach 100 to 110 degrees F.

Step 5-Oil Mixture

In a saucepan, mix olive, coconut and soybean oil. The pan should be placed over medium-high heat. The mixture should be continuously heated until the temperature of 100 degrees F is achieved.

Step 6-Coffee/Lye/Oil Solution

The coffee mix and lye that was earlier set aside must be added into the oil mixture. With a wooden spoon, stir the solution until it attains a honey-thickness. 

Step 7-Setting the Soap Solution

In a plastic container, put in the soap solution. Cover the container. Using a towel as an insulator, wrap the plastic container of the soap solution. It should take two days for the solution to set.

Step 8-Soap Formation

Remove the towel insulator from the plastic container after 48 hours. The soap should have become hard. If it is still soft, allow for another two days to set. Once hard, the soap should be taken from its plastic container and transferred to a wax paper. 

Step 9-Cutting Soap into Bars

With a sharp knife, cut the biodegradable soap into bars of the same size. Give the soap about 3 to 4 months of treatment period before using the soap.