How to Make Body Part Halloween Props

Making your own Halloween props can be tremendous fun while giving your friends a scare. Making any prop requires materials that will make it look authentic. Obviously, you want it to look real, but too real can be too scary! It all depends how far you wish to go to scare people with a dangling severed arm or leg, or a pop-out eyeball.

Things you will Need

Consider your project carefully before you start. If you planning on the severed arm you will require a latex molding kit, theatrical make-up and some extras, like a sponge, paint brushes and make-up brushes. You will also need an oil based solution to rub on your arm before you place it in the mold. Do not lather it on, but just a gentle coating to prevent the hair on your arms sticking to the mold.

How to Start

Coat your arm in the oil based lotion and prepare the mold kit. Usually a latex mold kit will come with a tube or mold ready prepared and you will have to stick your arm inside that while you pour the liquid latex into it. Other types of molding kit, such as "life casts" can be purchased for creating a whole body or part body cast. Set the mold position of your arm into the mold and allow it to harden. Peel it off or split it, if it is a plaster cast style mold and remove your arm. The cast you have created becomes the mold for your Halloween prop arm.

Making the Mold

With the fake arm mold ready, place the liquid latex into the mold and leave it to set. Setting time will vary depending on the make and style of your mold manufacturer. It will also vary according to the thickness or the artificial limb you are creating. When thoroughly set, remove the artificial arm from the mold. You will note that the arm will have the same appearance as your own and you may even find that the skin will have impressed on the casting too, to give a more realistic look.

Finishing your Art Work

Once your mold is created you will want to add scary but realistic touches for an authentic severed arm look. Use the theatrical make-up kit to shade the skin tone as close to your own as possible. Use a sponge to mottle the skin for a realistic look. We all have freckles, moles, dark bits, light bits and veins, so we are not exactly the same tone all over. Use your painting skill to recreate your authentic replica arm. Once you have the skin tone done you can proceed to add the extras, such as the blood, stitches or prop knife stuck in the arm where it was severed partially from your Halloween body. Use your imagination to create whatever look you desire for your authentic severed limb!