How to Make Brass Headboards How to Make Brass Headboards

What You'll Need
Rubber or neoprene gloves
Old towels
Steel wool
Scotch-Brite (non-scratch scrub sponge)
Surclean-400 metal conditioner (metal preparation product)
Antique Bronze Solution
Golden Steel-5
Brass Lacquer
Wrought Iron Fence or Garden Trellis
Welding Machineas needed, depending on your level of satisfaction with the fence or trellis pattern purchased

Making brass headboards does not have to be difficult, but it will be a creative adventure. You can have classy, antique brass headboards with the rewarding feeling of making them yourself without the expensive headcosts. Specifically, you do not have to deal with brass. In the following, I will explain how to use wrought iron fence pieces or garden trellises with some patina solutions to really make your headboard your own.

Step 1: Fence or Trellis?

Buy a section of wrought iron fence at a local retailer or on the Internet. Have them cut the piece to the size of your bed. As an alternative, you could buy three garden trellises. To purchase these, search the Internet or any garden supplier. Of the three, buy two that are shorter and one that is taller. 

Step 2:Adjustments

If you are not completely content with the size and arrangement of the fence piece or trellis piece that you bought, you will have to weld it to adjust it.

Step 3: The Brass Look

Give the iron the brass look with two different patina solutions. Patina solutions are an oxidized colored film. They are used like paint but are designed specifically for altering the colorations of metallic and non-metallic objects. Two recommended solutions are Antique Bronze solution and Golden Steel-5. These can be bought online at sites such as on eBay or at antique stores.

Step 4: Cleaning

Clean pieces with Surclean-400 Metal Conditioner and steel wool. Once finished, rinse with water.

Step 5: First Patina Solution

Paint on or dip the piece in Antique Bronze solution for 20 to 30 seconds. Once the Antique Bronze solution is thoroughly applied, the iron will look antique brown. Rinse the surface with water and wipe dry.

Step 6: Buffing

Buff all over or, according to your preference, with Scotch-Brite. This will expose some of the bare metal underneath. This creates differentiations between the colors that achieves an antique effect.

Step 7: More Patina

Dip the pieces in or brush on Golden Steel-5 for 20 to 45 seconds. Allow the piece to dry for an hour or until it appears completely dry. It should now have acquired a yellow brass hue with a brown background.

Step 8: Protection

Spray with Brass Lacquer to protect the Brass finish from tarnish and corrosion.

Step 9: Attaching

If using the wrought iron piece, attach it using construction straps, or just prop it up behind your bed. You can attach the garden trellises directly to the wall.

Through choosing the exact pattern of your brass headboard and through the process of painting and decorating it yourself, this brass headboard becomes truly your own.


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