How to Make Camp Stools

To pack lighter and solve your storage issues when camping, you can learn to make lightweight multi-purpose camp stools from a 5 gallon bucket. You can also use your creativity to make a camp stool from wooden materials at your home that are not in use. Making a stool out of bucket can be helpful in many ways. You can use the stool as a dry storage area to store extra clothes, dry kindling or cooking gear. Hence the camp stool functions as a multi-purpose tool. The stool is light; small sized and can fit into your camp luggage easily. You can make the stool using the bucket size of your choice, depending on your requirement. The foam provides you with a padded seat that you can pull up to the campfire. Let us see how exactly this can be done.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Bucket (5 gallon bucket with lid)
  • Foam sheet
  • Glue
  • Utility Knife
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Dish soap
  • Bleach
  • Cloth 

Step 1 - Cleaning 

Select a bucket. Wash the bucket with soap water and wipe it with a piece of cloth. You can use bleach to get rid of the odor of the bucket completely, depending on what was stored in it earlier. If food, cooking materials or firewood was stored in it earlier, it needs thorough cleaning. 

Step 2 - Measuring 

Take the foam sheet and place the lid of the bucket on it. Use a pencil to trace the outline of the lid on the foam sheet. If you want a good fit of foam inside the lid ridge, then draw another line inside the already traced outline of the lid. The inner line must measure the same as that of the thickness of the ridge. If the lid ridge is 1 inch thick, then leave 1 inch space and draw the circle inside the already traced outline of the lid. 

Step 3 - Cutting 

Now use the utility knife and cut out the inner small circle from the foam. Then, cut the traced outline of the lid. Now, place this cut-out foam circle on the lid and check for the fit. If the foam does not fit, trim it to the desired measurement.

Step 4 - Fixing 

Now apply strong flexible glue, like Gorilla Glue to the lid. Read the directions on the glue before using, as some glues like Gorilla Glue foam up twice or three times its size. So keep in mind not to apply glue close to the edge. Once glued, press it firmly. Make sure the glue does not seep down from the edge. Keep a heavy object on the glued foam or clamp it. Allow it to cure well. 

Step 5 - Decorating 

You can make your camp stool look attractive by painting on it or by decorating it with stickers and glitters. Kids can draw pictures of animals and paint them, if it is a Scout project. Your custom made camp stool is ready.