How to Make Candles Out of Crayons

What You'll Need
Cutting board
Double boiler
Essential oil (optional)

Learning how to make candles is a fun and easy hobby. The majority of candles you purchase are made from paraffin wax, which is melted down and poured in a form or container. Add a wick to the liquid and allow the wax to harden, and you have a candle. Crayons are also made from paraffin wax with coloring added. This means, of course, that you can use old crayons found around your home (or buy new) to make candles and the article below will show it is easy learning how to make candles.

Step 1 – Choosing the Crayons

Collect the crayons that you wish to use as candles. They can be any size, shape or color that you want. Keep in mind that since crayons are colored, your final candle will resemble the combination of colors you have. Purchasing a color wheel may help you mix the right colors to get the result you desire. If you mix red wax with white wax you can create pink. If you like the idea of making a fancy candle use several colors melted separately. Pour the color into the container with one or more other colors and swirl together with a toothpick.

Step 2 – Prepare the Crayons

Remove the labels from the crayons. In order to make sure the crayons melt evenly and quickly, you should shave them down using either a sharp knife or cheese grater.

Step 3 – Prepare the Container

There are several containers that are great for candles. Use old soup cans that you cleaned out or glass mason jars. Any containers, with the exception of plastic, can be used for your candles. Cans create an industrial look but offer no window to see the color of the candle while glass does and can be decorated with strips of fabric, paint or small adornments. You can cut holes in the upper parts of the metal, as long as you remember to not fill the can above the holes with wax. Clean the container that you choose, making sure it is free of moisture and dirt. Cut enough wick to reach the bottom of the container with a little extra above the rim. Tie or tape the wick to a pencil and place the pencil on top of the container so it is centered.

Step 4 – Melt the Crayons Down

Fill the bottom pot of the double boiler with hot water and place it over a burner on medium heat. When the water boils, turn the heat to low and place the top pan on top of it. Add the chopped crayons to the double boiler and stir them until melted. If adding scents, this is the time to do so but only a few drops. Scents like rose, lavender and cinnamon are all good choices but you can also purchase custom scents like cookie dough and pumpkin pie. Pour the melted crayons into the container. When the wax sets, remove the wick from the pencil.