How to Make Canvas Boat Covers

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Silicone Spray
Sewing Machine

The advantage of making your own canvas boat covers is that they are custom tailored to you and your boat. This degree of tailoring will ensure a perfect fit, and your boat cover will say something about you and your personality.

Step 1 – Measurements

Measure the height, length and the diameter of the boat, the more accurate the measurements, the better the fit of your boat cover, making it less likely to blow off in strong winds.

Step 2 – Making the Cover

Purchase your canvas based on the sizes that you measured, adding a few inches in every direction to give yourself room for error. Lay the canvas over the boat and mark out the shape of the boat using a marker. Once everything is marked out, you can begin cutting.

Step 3 – Attach to Your Boat

Fold the edges of the canvas and stitch it, making a sleeve all the way around. Thread some rope through the sleeve, when pulled tight and tied in a knot, it will keep the canvas secure around the boat.

Step 4 – Adding Your Design

The beauty of using canvas, is that it is easy to paint, and there is no need for special equipment. This allows you to add writing, logos or anything else you desire onto your boat cover.

Step 5 – Waterproofing

To prevent the rain from smudging the design on your canvas boats covers, simply spray the canvas with a silicone spray.