How to Make Central Air Conditioner Covers

What You'll Need
Vinyl Tarp
Sewing Machine
Tape Measure

Build a cover for your central air conditioner to help protect it from the elements and provide you with a decorative element for the unit.  This may be especially beneficial if the unit is located outdoors and you are looking to make it blend in with the aesthetics of the home. You can use wood to make a box cover or create a durable vinyl tarp that can be placed over the unit. Either types of cover should provide you with the desired protection that you seek for your unit.

Step 1: Create a Wood Box Frame

Measure the height, length and width of the air conditioner unit. These dimensions are needed in order to create a wooden box frame. Cut pieces of 2X4 wood to these measurements to create a box. Cut ¼-inch thick plywood sheets to size to attach them to the sides of the 2X4 frame.

Use nails to attach the plywood sheets to the sides and top of the box frame. Do not enclose the bottom as this will be placed over the top of the air conditioner. You can paint or stain the frame to any desired color if you choose. Once the paint on the frame dries, it is ready to be used as a cover.

Step 2: Create a Vinyl Cover

If you are handy with a sewing machine, cut a piece of vinyl tarp to size based on measurements that you take. Sew the sides and top cover piece to the vinyl cover using a sewing machine. Create the seam on the inside of the vinyl tarp. When you complete the sewing, place the vinyl cover over the central air conditioner unit to ensure that it fits. The cover you create should fit snuggly over the unit and completely protect it from the outside elements.