How to Make Children's Headboards How to Make Children's Headboards

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Spirit level
Note pad and pencil
Power drill

Though the idea of making children's headboards can seem daunting and labor intensive when they can be purchased readymade, making your own can be satisfying and easier than you think. By following a few steps, you can save money as well as make a headboard to conform with the child’s wishes and likes. 

Step 1 – Create Design

Begin the process of making a children’s headboard by sketching out a rough design on a piece sheet of paper. This step is especially relevant where you intend to make a headboard that is an unusual shape or size. Use this plan as the basis for your design by adding to it as necessary, making a note of colors, dimensions and materials.

Step 2 – Measure Bed

Use a tape measure to obtain the dimensions of the bed, particularly the width of the bed. During this step, you should take the opportunity to examine the bed if you do not already know where you intend to fix the headboard. Check the construction of the bed and whether the manufacturer has included the relevant fixtures to attach a headboard. If the metal supports are attached to the bed, measure the distance between them to help you determine where on the headboard the fasteners should be attached. Alternatively, consider whether it is possible to fix the headboard to the wall so that the bed can abut it and whether the wall is capable of supporting it.

Step 3 – Gather Materials

Knowing where you intend to fit children’s headboards will help you decide on the materials to use, for example, it would not be prudent to attach a solid heavy wood to a small single bed as it may cause the bed to become unstable. Plywood should be sufficient for the job and you should obtain a piece larger than needed to take any potential mistakes into account. Though a hacksaw should be sufficient for basic shapes, a table saw will be beneficial for more elaborate designs and shapes.  

Step 4 – Cut Wood

In accordance with the measurements that you previously noted down, mark the dimensions on the wood using a tape measure and a pencil, with the help of a straightedge if necessary. Once complete, cut the wood to make up the basic shape of the children’s headboard before smoothing the cut edges by rubbing them with sandpaper. Use a spirit level to make sure the end result is level. If you have a bed which comprises supports for the headboard, remove it from the bed in order to attach them to the headboard. This may require you to drill holes to accommodate bolts which should have the correct position marked with a pencil and tape measure.  

Step 5 – Decoration

Prior to fitting the headboard in place, take the opportunity to undertake any desired decoration. If applying paint, choose a color that is in line with the rest of the bedroom.

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