How to Make Classic Wedding Invitations

During the busy planning period preceding a wedding, the last thing most brides want is the extra stress of making their own wedding invitations. But if you're a more adventurous, creative bride, you may embrace the idea of making your own invitations. Here are some easy ways to make classic-style wedding invitations.

Design Your Invitations

Making your own wedding invitations can save you money, but you should be sure that the finished product looks as professional as a custom-made invitation, in case your guests compare notes!

Before making your invitations, design the card in any color, style or theme: anything so long as it looks classic. Cream or silver-white paper is the best for a classic design. Place a piece of sheer white paper over this base, or perhaps a tastefully decorated paper with roses or small hearts.

Make the Invitations

Plan what you intend to say on a computer, and use a desktop publishing device such as Word to produce the finished effect. You can choose a scroll font, or medieval font, to make it seem even more classic. Print this out onto your white paper.

Lay the paper over the silver-white or cream paper base, and fix these papers together by gluing around the border, or tie the tops using a ribbon. Place in matching envelopes, and send.