How to Make Coasters Out of Glass Tiles

What You'll Need
A 1 foot square glass tile
A sponge
A utility knife
Old newspaper
A cleaning cloth
A cutting board
Self-adhesive cork
Glass Pens

Coasters can be a decorative addition to a coffee table. You can make your own or make a gift set with the right materials, some personality and care. These glass coasters are a simple and easy home project. 

Step 1 – Determining the Dimensions

Place a glass on the glass tile. Measure a square shape that will provide enough space for the glass. Mark the measurements on a piece of paper. If you make each of the coasters a four inch by four inch square, you will be able to make nine coasters from one twelve inch square glass tile.

Step 2 – Cutting the Coasters

Cut the squares for your coasters from the larger glass tile in the size you determined earlier. Use your utility knife to carefully remove any excess mesh from the edges of the coasters once you have cut them from the tile. Be careful not to apply too much pressure while you work. This could break the glass.

Step 3 – Cutting the Cork Base

Use the measurements of your coasters to determine the size for your cork base. You may wish to make the base a bit smaller than the actual coaster to hide it from view. Use the utility knife to cut out the cork base for your coaster. Adhere the cork base to the tile coaster.

Step 4 – Grouting the Glass Tile Coaster

Choose a grout color that will work well with your glass tile. Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer before you use the grout. Following the instructions, use the grout to fill in the spaces between the small pieces of glass on the coaster. Place the coaster on a piece of newspaper. Use the putty knife to spread the grout into the spaces. Be sure all of the grooves are completely filled with grout. Smooth the grout on the edges of the coaster. Allow the grout to sit for five minutes.

Step 5 – Cleaning the Glass Tile Coaster

Use a damp sponge to gently and carefully remove the excess grout from the coaster surface. Continue cleaning the coaster until all of the grout is removed. Allow the grout enough time to dry completely.

Step 6 – Smoothing the Coaster Edges

Use your utility knife to smooth any roughness around the edges of the coaster. Use a clean, damp cloth to clean the coaster one last time. 

Step 7 – Finishing the Coaster

Use the glass pens to embellish the coasters. You can work freestyle and add your own decorative designs or you can use stencils to create the embellishments. Be sure to use a glass pen color that will work well with the color of the glass tile and that you will be able to see. If your coasters are a gift, consider writing a note on the cork on the back. You will also want to sign your works of art.