How to Make Concrete Forms for Steps

What You'll Need
Circular table saw
2 1x4 or 1x5 planks

When pouring cement stairs for your home, you should always use concrete forms. These are pieces of wood cut to make up the shape of the stairs, behaving as a mold. It doesn’t take much to make a form for your concrete steps, but it will require plenty of measuring, and specific materials for a job well done.

Step 1 – Measure Steps

The first thing you must do is measure the steps you want to pour. The first step should rise about 5 inches, or according to your local building code. Next, determine the width of your stairs and take down that measurement.

Now you have to measure your stairs—they should all be the same height as the bottom stair so no one trips.

Step 2 – Cut Plywood and Planks

Since you have the measurements, you can now make the cuts on your wood pieces. First, you should cut the plywood in the shape of a side profile of stairs. Apply the same measurements to your plywood sheet with a pencil or marker and then cut on that line. When you’re done cutting you should have the side of the stairs cut out in front of you in plywood.

Repeat this process for the other side, and you are ready for your planks which will hold in the cement.

Now cut your planks to suit the width of the stairs you’ve chosen. Ideally the width would be the same as the entrance for which you mean to pour your concrete stairs. Cut your wood planks to fit the width of the entrance. Cut as many pieces as you need to apply to each stair you’ve chosen to pour.

Step 3 – Assemble Form

Now you’re ready to assemble your form for the concrete steps. Start by using your plywood profile pieces and standing them up to make them parallel. Then, take one of your stair pieces and nail it to the plywood piece along the front, so that the part that you would step on is empty and waiting for concrete. Nail the piece in and repeat this process for each board. You can choose to nail it in from the sides or from the front.

Once you reach the top step you should have a good form for your concrete steps waiting for you to pour concrete into it. Remember to use rubble of some kind in the center of the stairs to help anchor them. Also remember to use a mallet to hammer the stair forms after you pour the concrete to get rid of any air pockets or bubbles in the cement mix, thus getting rid of vulnerabilities. Finally, remember to texturize your concrete so that you don’t slip and fall when going up or down your steps.

You’re all finished—it’s time for the concrete.