How to Make Copper Pipe Repair Epoxy

What You'll Need
16 ounces of modelling clay
2 tbsp powdered limestone
1/4 cup of linseed oil
1 empty pint sized plastic bottle with a wide opening
dust max
wax paper
latex gloves
masking tape

Copper pipe repair is something that you can do on your own. You do not have to pay extra for the services of a plumber since this is an easy do-it-yourself plumbing job. One of the materials that you will be needing for this is epoxy putty. Epoxy putty used for copper pipe repair is also known as plumber's putty. This is a substance that is pliable and can provide for a quick fix for faucet and drain leaks by making a watertight seal on them. This is the best option if you want a secure way to fix your copper pipes but still keep it reversible. It is very easy to mold and shape depending on the joints that you are placing it on. There as various brands that you can choose from and these contain different ingredients like linseed oil, fish oils, and limestone. There are also a lot of hardware stores and retail plumbing stores that have these on-stock. But another option you can try is to make your own epoxy putty but remember to practice proper handling of the ingredients. Some of the ingredients are toxic so you have to arm yourself with protective gear.

 Step 1 - Preparation

Before beginning your work, protect yourself by wearing a dust mask and latex gloves. Place a 24 inch long wax paper sheet over your workspace. Secure the sheet with some masking tape.

Step 2 - Mixing the Ingredients

Put the molding clay onto the wax paper. Create a bowl shape out of it. It should be able to hold a quarter of a cup in its middle. Pour most of the linseed oil inside the bowl you have made; leave out about a teaspoon to use later on. Let the oil remain in the bowl for around 2 to 3 hours so that it will get soaked in. After this, start working the oil in with the clay to mix them better.

Once you have mixed the oil in, take the powdered limestone and combine it with the mixture. Allow it to get fully saturated. Make sure that there are no remaining limestone pockets in the mixture. Take the remaining linseed oil and let it dissolve into the compound.

Step 3 - Clean up

Put all the epoxy putty inside the pint-sized plastic container and seal it with a lid. Throw out the wax paper and make sure that all toxic materials are cleaned up well.

Doing copper pipe repair with epoxy can make it last for about 3 years or so. If you wish for the repair to last more than 3 years, it would probably be better if you do the whole thing over. However, if you think that this period is enough for now, then the epoxy putty should be good for this purpose.