How to Make Crown Molding with a Drop Saw

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-500
What You'll Need
Table drop saw
Table router
Router bit
Wood strips
Table planer

It's very easy to use a table drop saw to make crown molding. You will also need various other pieces of equipment to successfully make your crown molding. Whether you are interested in making molding for a doll's house, or for your room the techniques are basically the same.

You just need to invest plenty of time and make sure that you have all of the right materials to complete the job successfully.

Step 1 - Reasons to Make Crown Molding

There are actually lots of different reasons why you would need to make your own crown molding but make sure that you really do need to make it first. Making crown molding is very difficult and labor intensive. It's often easier to buy it from a store. However if you are working on an older house which has antique crown molding then making your own might be the only way to get it to fit properly.

Step 2 - Materials

Next thing you will need to do is choose the material that you want to use for your crown molding. There are many different types of materials which can be used depending on your decisions. Using pine is an easy wood to work with, however if you want to leave them wood colored then you would be much better off using hardwoods. These take stain better and will take on a better appearance.

You should be able to buy the wood cut to long lengths already, these are ideal for making into crown molding because they are already the right width. It's also possible to buy old hardwood lumber from various sources.

Step 3 - Router Bit

You now need to spend time choosing the type of router bit that you will be using. Router bits will shape the wood and give it a more attractive design. There are many hundreds of different types of router bit each of which works in a different way. You might need to use more than one bit for a very sophisticated crown molding pattern.

Step 4 - Angle

You will need to carefully chose the right angle so that this matches the existing molding. The most common angle for crown moldings is 45 degrees although sometimes 38 degrees is also popular. This will affect how the molding sits on the wall.

Step 5 - Practice

You will now need to spend some time practicing by using pine lumber or other off cuts of wood. Once you spend time doing this you will be able to improve your skills and this should mean that you will find it much easier to work on the actual pieces of crown molding.

Step 6 - Using your Drop Saw

Once you have designed the front pattern using your router you will then be able to cut it to the right lengths and angles by using your drop saw. This is a very easy method of cutting your crown molding to the right angles and sizes.