How to Make Custom Anchor Bolts for a Sill Plate

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Petroleum jelly
Hot soapy cloth
Speed square

Sill plates must be installed on the top of your foundation with anchor bolts. The bolts are already set in the concrete; therefore, making the holes in the sill plate through which the anchor bolts will attach may be difficult. Besides that, you can complete this task by yourself easily.

Step1 - Setting the Anchor Bolts in Concrete

Use the tape measure and plan the spots where the anchor bolts will penetrate the concrete. This measurement must be carefully made because once the concrete sets, the anchor bolts cannot be replaced easily. To prevent the concrete from blocking the bolts, apply petroleum jelly on the threads. Push the j-bolt into the wet concrete in proper position. Once the concrete is dry, wipe away the petroleum jelly with a soapy cloth.

Step 2 - Marking the Sill Plate

The speed square must be aligned with one side of a bolt. Use the pencil to mark the sill plate and then drill holes on the sill plate. If the anchor bolts are far away, use a framing square.