How to Make Deck Railing Planters

What You'll Need
1/4 -inch bit
Self-threading galvanized screws; 2-inch
Power drill
2 6-inch 1x6 boards
2 3-foot 1x6 boards
1 3-foot 1x8 board
Planter brackets

Deck railing planters can make the best of a cramped situation. You may love to grow flowers or herbs, but not have the space. Using deck railing planters can solve this problem quite easily. You can buy deck railing planters from any home store, but they can become pricey. Circumvent this cost by building your own planters. It is very easy to do, and several of them can be made in a day. The article that follows will use cedar for the planters, because cedar resists the elements and insects. The planter will be 3-feet long by 8-inches wide, but you can change the size to fit your needs.

Step 1 – Long Sides

Make sure you have a flat surface to work on. Creating a deck railing planter starts with the bottom of the planter and the first side. The 3-foot 1x8 will be the bottom of the planter. Place the 2 long sides first by putting 1 of the 3-foot 1x6 boards, on its edge, against the edge of the bottom piece of wood. Make sure the ends are flush with the sides. The sides will be sitting on top of the board. Create pilot holes, using the drill, for each of the screws that will be installed. Failure to do so will cause the wood to splinter. Use the power screwdriver and the galvanized screws to attach the sides to the bottom piece from the bottom. Place one screw at each end, one in the center on both sides of the planter. Add a screw every 3-inches to create a tight seal.

Step 2 – Short Sides

You need the long sides in place first, so they can support the short sides, by giving them something to fasten in to. Place 1 of the 6-inch 1x6 pieces on the side, so that it is even with the long sides. Using the same method in Step 1, attach the short sides to the base first, with the screws, at each end. You can then screw them to the long sides. Repeat with the second end.

Step 3 – Drainage

Deck railing planters need drainage holes. Use the drill and create several staggered holes through the bottom of the planter. 6 holes should be enough drainage holes, as you want the water to remain in the box long enough to be absorbed by the plants.

Step 4 – Attach

Brackets are the best way to attach deck railing planters, as it allows the planter to be moved and won't damage the railing. Turn the planter over and then measure several inches in from each side. Place the bracket in this area and make a mark through its hole and then create a pilot hole. Attach each bracket using a galvanized screw. The back of the bracket may also have holes in which case drill a pilot and then attach it with a screw.