How to Make Decorative Concrete Curbing

What You'll Need
Wood for molds. Each mold requires 1 piece 18 inches x 8 inches x 1 inch, 2 pieces 20 inches x 9 inches x 1 inch and 2 pieces 8 inches x 9 inches x 1 inch
Screw driver
Styrofoam molds

Decorative concrete curbing can add that finishing touch to your garden. Footpaths, flower beds and drives lined with a standard concrete curb look smarter.

Extrusion Method

You can hire an extrusion machine that will create a concrete curb using a profile pattern. These machines will extrude a curb of just about any length.

Molding Method

It is possible to buy Styrofoam molds in lengths that will produce a pattern in a concrete block being molded in a wooden mold. The Styrofoam fits down one side or both sides of a wooden mold to produce an asymmetric curb stone or a symmetrical one.

Step 1 – Design Your Curb Stone Molds

For a fairly standard landscape curb stone try a mold 18 inches long by 8 inches wide by 8 inches high. This is easily made from inch thick timber and can be nailed together.

Step 2 – Build the Curb Stone Molds

The base of the mold will be 18 inches long by 8inches wide. Nail one side to the base using two inch nails about 3 inches apart. Nail the two ends of the mold to the side and base using 2 inch nails about 3 inches apart.

Step 3 – Attach the Second Side

The mold is now a box with one side missing. Attach the second side using two inch screws about 4 inches apart. Your mold now encloses an area 18 inches long by 8 inches wide by 8 inches deep. Make at least ten of these molds to help speed the process.

Step 4 – Paint the Insides of the Molds With Oil

You need to water-proof the molds and also discourage the concrete from sticking to them. Light oil is best but any oil that the wood will absorb will do.

Step 5 –Place the Styrofoam

Place an 18 inch length of the Styrofoam along one side of the mold for an asymmetric stone or both sides for a symmetric stone.

Do this with each wooden mold.

Step 6 – Mix the Concrete

Mix the concrete to a firm consistency and fill each mold making sure the Styrofoam does not move. Level the top of the concrete.

Step 7 – Allow the Concrete to dry for 24 Hours

After the concrete has dried for at least 24 hours it is time to remove the stone from the mold. The stones should tip out of the molds easily. If not, remove the side of the mold that is fitted with screws to ease the stone out. Let it dry thoroughly for 7 days sprinkling occasionally with water.

Step 8 – Repeat

Repeat the process until you have made enough stones.

The Styrofoam will stick to the stones and will need to be scraped off but it will protect the stones while you are handling them to build your curb.