How to Make Decoupage Glue

Decoupage glue.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-10
What You'll Need
Aleen’s Tacky Glue or other white glue

Decoupage glue is easy to make using ordinary white glue and some water. Decoupage glue needs to be moist enough to soak through the material being worked with, while simultaneously maintaining its adhesive abilities. For these reasons, Aleen’s Tacky Glue is the white glue that will be used in the succeeding description.

Step 1 - Estimate Your Needs

Begin by estimating how much decoupage glue will be required for the project. Plan on mixing enough glue to account for the entire project; about ½ cup of decoupage glue per square foot.

Step 2 - Add Glue and Water

After you know the quantity of glue that will be required for the project, get a container to mix the glue in. The container should be deeper than it is wide to reduce evaporation and increase the glue’s longevity.

In the container, add two and a half parts glue to one and a half parts water and begin mixing. The glue will take a while to blend with the water. Mix it for a minute or two and then let it rest for another couple of minutes. Repeat this process two or three times, or until the glue and water have seamlessly merged.

Step 3 - Test It

Test the viscosity of the glue; If the mixture is too thick it will fall off in inconsistent chunk-like blobs. If it is too thin, the mixture will not flow at all. The perfect decoupage glue has the viscosity of syrup and will flow off of a spoon in a consistent string.