How to Make Deep Cuts with a Fret Saw How to Make Deep Cuts with a Fret Saw

What You'll Need
Fret saw
Support jig
Electric drill with broad-tipped bit
Broad-nosed pliers

While the fret saw is most often used for making shallow curved cuts in wood, it can also be used to make deeper cuts. Follow the tips below to make deep cuts with a fret saw.

Step 1: Drill a Start Hole in the Wood Fretwork

Attach the broad tipped bit (at least 1/2 inch wide) to the electric drill and drill the start hole through the wood. This allows the fret saw blade to go inside the fretwork pattern for deep cuts.

Step 2: Attach the Support Jig

Fasten the piece of wood to be cut into the support jig, at the opposite end from the starter hole you made. Make sure the wood is firmly anchored in the jig for clean cuts.

Step 3: Insert the Fret Saw Blade

Unscrew the fret saw from its frame at the end opposite the handle. Insert the fret saw blade through the start hole, and reattach it to the frame. Tighten the butterfly nut with broad-nosed pliers.

Step 4: Move the Fret Saw Through the Pattern

Saw firmly with the fret saw along the pattern. The support jig will allow the wood piece to be turned as needed.

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