How to Make Dowel Jigs

What You'll Need
Pencil (or marker)
Safety glasses
Safety gloves
Wooden dowels
Piece of wood
Drill press
Band saw (with a band saw table, along with fence and clamps)

Dowel jigs are commonly used for carpentry work. A dowel is used to fasten tightly two objects together. If you want your dowels ripped you would have to take it to a special shop to get them done. This article will help you build a jig to be used to rip wooden dowels in the comfort of your own workshop. Make sure that you have all of the materials needed at hand so that you won’t need to stop at any stage.

Step 1: Cutting The Piece of Wood

Grab the piece of wood and mark it 1 X 1 X 4.5 inches. Cut it carefully. If you can find a piece of wood with the same dimension it is much better because you won’t need to cut it. You can use any type of wood. Try not to use a hard wood but on the other hand make sure the wood used is tough enough to be used for a dowel jig.

Step 2: Using The Driller Press

Use a pencil and put a dot in the middle at the bottom part of the piece of wood. In this way you will be marking the middle of the end part of the piece of wood. Use the drill press and drill a hole where you previously placed your pencil mark. The hole needs to be deep enough to pass through the wood. It is very important that the hole is the exact size of the dowel you want to insert.

Step 3: Drawing

Now use the pencil and draw a line in the center of the piece of wood. Start at the edge of either side of the piece of wood. Next, use the band saw blade to mark the newly made line.

Step 4: Using the Clamps

Now use the clamps with the band saw table. This is done to pushover the band saw fence. Push the fence down the line of the newly made jig.  Don’t rush it otherwise it may end up crooked. Also, always remember to wear the appropriate clothing when using the band saw.

Step 5: More Cutting

Use the band saw again to make a 3 inch incision down the line you previously marked in step 3. Use another clamp to fasten tightly the jig to the band saw table. Make sure it is attached correctly.

Step 6: Slot or Rip the Dowel

Now you have to try the jig to see if it works. Shove the dowel through the hole in the jig and make it go along the band saw blade. Now rip or slot the dowel.

From now on you won’t need to go to a specialized shop to rip or lot your dowel you can do it yourself. Always remember to wear safety glasses and protective gloves before using any tools to avoid unnecessary injuries.