How to Make Dresses Perfectly Fitting and Flattering

Knowing how to make dresses that fit well and that are flattering to your figure can save you money. You will save on the retail costs involved in shopping for and finding the perfect dress. Making your own dresses is easier than you might think. With a good pattern, the right fabric and some sewing skill, you will be able to make your own dress at home, at a fraction of the retail costs.

Choose a Pattern

Determine the style of dress you would like. Have someone take your measurements at the bust, the waist and the hips.

Visit your local fabric store and find a pattern that matches the style of dress you would like. Some dress patterns are basic and are rather simple to follow. Be sure you have the sewing skill for the pattern you choose. Decide on a color that is flattering to you. Decide on a budget for your dress.

Choose a Fabric

Choose your dress fabric. Be sure to check the pattern information when choosing your fabric. The pattern guide will recommend the best fabrics for the dress. Determine from the pattern how much fabric you will need for your dress. Be sure to pick up matching thread for sewing the pieces together. If there are any other requirements such as zippers or buttons, pick those up, too.

Cut Out the Pattern

Remove the pattern sheets from the envelope. Cut out the pattern pieces from the sheets. If the pattern paper is wrinkled, smooth it out as best you can. Read through all of the directions provided with the pattern before you begin to cut the pattern from the fabric. Lay the fabric on a clean, hard surface. Lay the pattern pieces on top of the fabric.

Carefully pin the pattern pieces to the fabric using straight pins. Once the pattern pieces are secured to the fabric, carefully cut them out. Place the pieces on another part of the working surface as cut each one of them out.

Sew the Dress

Follow the instructions on the envelope in sewing the pieces together. Try on the dress before you add any of the sleeve or hem work. Put on the shoes you intend to wear with the dress. While the height of the shoe will affect where it is hemmed, it will also affect how you carry yourself and how well you hold your posture.

Make sure that the dress fits perfectly in the bust, waist and hips. Remove the dress. If necessary, let out any areas that are too tight, and take in any areas that are too loose.

Finish the Dress

Sew the sleeves to the dress, and then try it on again with the shoes. Be sure the sleeves fit properly around your arms and that they are the proper length. Next, have someone help with the hem. Pin up the fabric so that the dress is the length you want. Be sure to leave about a half inch seam allowance for the hem.

Take off the dress again. Make any necessary changes to the sleeves. The hem at the bottom of the dress should be done by hand.