How to Make Drywall Stilts

Man installing drywall on ceiling
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
Old shoes
2 large joint compound plastic buckets
Nuts and bolts

Drywall stilts are essential elements for installing drywall. They're stilts that you wear so that you can move around easier and faster while doing the ceiling portion of the drywall. However, they may be quite expensive to purchase. It’s a good thing that it is possible to make your own and save some money.

Position the Shoe

Remove the handles of the buckets by using your pliers. Then turn the buckets over so that the base is facing upward. Place the shoes in the middle of each bucket and make sure they don’t go over the edge.

Setting up the Bolts

Get the bolts and the washers. Insert the bolts into the holes of the washers. The washers are there in order to prevent the bolts from damaging the sole of the shoe.

Fastening the Shoes

With the shoes in place, drill a hole into the inner soles all the way through to the bucket. Make two holes for each shoe, one at the heel and one at the front. Do this by starting the drill slowly so as not to damage the inside of the shoes. Once you make the hole, you can increase the drill speed to go all the way through. Drive in the bolts and washers and attach the nuts from underneath the buckets.

Finishing and Testing

Put sole inserts on the inside of the shoes to protect your feet from the bolt heads. Wear your new homemade drywall stilts and practice walking in them.