How to Make Fabric Shades How to Make Fabric Shades

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Fabric 1 (for the shades)
Fabric 2 (for the ribbons)
Sewing pins
1 1/2 inch curtain rod
Sewing machine

Making your own fabric shades is not only easy and inexpensive but it can add a custom touch to your room decor. By using fabric to create your own shades you can coordinate colors, fabrics and linens in a way that is totally unique.

Step 1 – Getting Ready

The first thing you have to do is to measure your window. Measure the height and width of your window recess with the help of a measuring tape. Once you have carefully noted down the measurements you should add 2 more inches at the top to create a casing area for your rod and another 1 inch on the other three sides for hemming purposes. Once your measurements are ready you can cut up fabric 1 to the measurements taken.

Step 2 – Hemming the Shades

After cutting fabric 1 down to measurement, you can start hemming it in. Fold the sides and bottom ends of the shades 1 inch inwards. You should consider using sewing pins to hold the hemming into place. Now take the shades to a sewing machine and stitch the hemming.

Step 3 – Sewing the Casing

At this point the hems at the sides and bottom of the shades are finished and so you can move on to the casing at the top of the shades where you will later on insert the rod. Fold the fabric 2 inches inwards (in the same direction of the hemming) the top part of your shades. Again, use sewing pins to hold the fold in place and stitch it up with the help of a sewing machine. Remember to stitch along the end of the fold line in such a manner that at the end of this process you would have created a pocket or casing for the rod.

Step 4 – Adding Ribbons

Your shades now should be ready and you can start working on adding decorative ribbons. Cut 4 strips of Fabric 2. The size of your strips should be twice as long as the height of your shades plus an added 3 feet for overhanging. Once you have cut down the strips you should sew them in pairs: put 2 strips together with the right sides against each other and sew one side, then fold them with the right side facing outwards and stitch along the other long side while pressing the edge a bit inwards to create hemming. Do the same thing with the other 2 strips. Once you have done this you should have 2 strips with a neat hemming. When they are finished you should place them over the shade in such a manner that their exact middle is found on top of the casing or pocket and stitch them in place.

Step 5 – Finishing Up

You can now insert the rod in the casing and attach the rod to the window. You can now stand back and admire your work! You can use the ribbons to hold the shades raised when you want more light instead of opening them.

The important thing to keep in mind is to match up your fabric of choice to the rest of the furniture or color scheme already in the room and the rest will come easy.

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