How to Make Fake Barbed Wire

What You'll Need
Gray paint
Measuring cups
PVA glue
Wooden spoon or inexpensive whisk
Clothes pins

Making real barbed wire takes a lot of time, a lot of money and there will most likely be a fair amount of bloodshed in the process. Barbed wire is used to keep animals inside a yard or compound as well as people out. Fake barbed wire, on the other hand; is very cheap to make, is completely pain free and easy. Fake barbed wire can be made for any number reasons. Perhaps if you are an amateur filmmaker or you are a professional wrestler who doesn't want to get hurt. Halloween is a perfect time to whip out the fake barbed wire to accentuate a home haunt or your costume. Whatever your reasons for its use this article will show you how to make fake barbed wire.

Step 1 - Making the Glue

Making good looking fake barbed wire has a lot to do with the glue recipe. Pour enough glue into the bowl to cover the amount of barbed wire you want to make. Add an equal amount of water and stir until the glue is properly diluted. It will resemble a somewhat runny pancake batter.

In order to give the glue the proper color you need to add gray paint. You want a 4 to 1 ratio of gray paint to diluted glue. If you have 1 cup of diluted glue you'll add 1/4 cup of gray paint then stir until it is combined and all one solid color.

Step 2 - Twisting the String

It is important to use a string that is already twisted together. These spools are very inexpensive and are normally sold as packing string. Unravel the string from its spool until you have twice as much as you need for the length of barbed wire you want to make. Tie an end of the string to an object and stretch it tight then begin twisting the string in the direction already present in the string. Continue twisting until the string begins to wrap around itself and then fold it in half. Once you do this the string will wrap around itself and you can space out the overlapping string.

Cut off a length of string and then cut that piece into 4-inch long sections. These will be the barbs of the barbed wire.

Step 3 - Dipping

Take your length of string and dip into the bowl of colored glue. Cover the entire string with the glue. Make sure there is no white showing. Hang the string on the clothesline to allow excess glue to drip off. Do the same with the barbs.

Step 4 - Assemble the Barbed Wire

Once the glue has dried the string will be pliable. Lay the long piece down on your work surface. Take the barbs you made and wrap them around the string so that one end is on each side the center is coiled two or three times. Space the barbs out every two to four inches. Snip the barb tips on an angle.