How to Make Flat Roman Shades

roman shade on a window
  • 2-5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-120
What You'll Need
Tape measure
Shade fabric
Cotton fabric
Lining fabric
Ring tape
Sewing machine
Wooden board
Staple gun

Installing flat roman shades to your windows serves both practical and decorative purposes. You may consider buying them tailor-made from stores which specialize in these types of fittings, but roman shades can be made at home by following good step-by-step guidelines. Besides saving money, you are also be able to add that personal touch, as use materials and colors to make them specifically to your tastes and to match the room’s color scheme and decor.

Step 1 - Take the Measurements

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The first step is to take the measurements of the window where you shall be hanging the roman shades. Add a few inches on both the width and length measurements you have just taken, so as to make an allowance for any mistakes, and for the seams you will be sewing later on.

Step 2 - Purchase the Shade Fabric

Visit drapery and fabric outlets to purchase the shade fabric you will be using for your roman shades. Consider cotton fabric and other options until you find one that appeals to you. Cut out the shade fabric according to the dimensions you took earlier.

Step 3 - Sew the Lining Fabric

grey fabric in a sewing machine

Most people prefer to sew a lining fabric at the back of the shade fabric for several reasons. To do this simply lay them out on each other and sew the lining fabric onto the shade fabric. Make sure to use thread that matches the shade fabric. To ensure a neater result it is best to iron them once finished.

Step 4 - Sew the Ring Tape

Now you have to sew the ring tape onto the shade fabric. Try to do this as neatly as possible and iron it when ready.

Step 5 - Cut Strips From the Cotton Fabric

Alternatively, instead of using ring tape you may cut out long, narrow strips from the piece of cotton fabric, and sew them onto the sides of the shade fabric where you will be inserting the rods.

Step 6 - Insert the Rods

Afterwards insert the rods and then sew the edges so as to encase them. This will help to have a better and neater result.

Step 7 - Attach Loops

roman shades on several large windows

The next step is to attach the loops or rings on either side of where the rods have been inserted. The best method to fix them is by stitching them in place.

Step 8 - Attach to the Wooden Board

Finally attach the sewn-up shade fabric to the wooden board using a staple gun.

Step 9 - Hang Them

Your roman shades are ready and you can hang them in your window and enjoy their decorative effect, while providing you with a good protection against direct sunlight at peak times of the day.

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