How to Make Flour Sack Hand Towels

What You'll Need
Flour sack
Waterproof epoxy
Cotton swab
Waterproof paint

Hand towels in this day and age can be more expensive than some pots and pans in your cupboards. Many years ago, those that ran the home would make their own hand towels out of whatever fabric was easily found at the time. At the time, flour came in fabric bags and was in every home. Flour sacks are made out of cotton, which means they are soft and can absorb liquids very well. Green living is becoming very popular, and recycling is one of the keys to green living. Making hand towels from flour sacks is certainly easy to do, and the following article will show you how.

Step 1–Prepare the Flour Sack

If you bought a flour sack from a grocery store or flea market or found one in your grandmother’s attic, you will need to prepare it. Remove the label from the front of the sack if it can be removed. Some labels were stitched, while others were printed. Print can be removed by using acetone thinned out by water. You will then want to wash and dry the flour sack.

Step 2–Cut the Flour Sack

A flour sack is very easy to cut, but you do have to be careful due to the weave fraying. If the weave comes undone, then the entire flour sack will unravel, making it useless as a hand towel. Cut the flour sack down the sides and then remove the sides from the bottom. Use the ruler to determine the size of the hand towels you want. Traditional hand towels are 8 inches by 8 inches, but they can be smaller, larger, square, circular or rectangular. The size and orientation of the finished towel is completely up to you. Make the measurements near the center of the flour sack to avoid the cut sides. Instead of using a pen, use the epoxy glue to draw the measurements. Wait for the epoxy to dry and then cut the sack along the epoxy lines. Try to get as close to the edge of the epoxy as possible. This will keep the towel from fraying and will still remain soft, as epoxy is pliable.

Step 3–Finishing the Hand Towels

You can use the hand towels as they are, but they lack flair and style. There are many finishing options to make them more stylish. If you want fringes, you can create them by cutting very thin strips along the edges of the flour sack after it has been cut out. Place a thin line of epoxy along the hand towel where the slits stop. This will stop the flour sack from fraying. The flour sack hand towels can also be printed on. Find a design that you like in a stencil and paint it on with waterproof paint.  You can also freehand the design if you are confident with painting and your artistic skill. If so inclined, you can embroider the hand towels to enhance their appearance.