How to Make Glass Windows on Built Cabinets How to Make Glass Windows on Built Cabinets

What You'll Need
Glass panel
Corner round
Masking Tape

Built cabinets can be an attractive feature in any kitchen or living room, but sometimes it's necessary to spruce them up a little by giving them a make-over. One attractive way to do this is by adding a glass window or insert to the door of a built cabinet. Before beginning to build the glass windows, make sure that you have removed any old wood from the areas where the glass will go, and sand the cabinet down thoroughly.

Step 1 - Cut the Glass

Measure the area where you want the glass to go, and then cut a suitable piece of glass to the same size. You will need to leave around 1 inch of wood in order to keep the glass panel in place. If you have any doubts or problems about cutting the glass, you should ask for the glass to be cut by a specialist, or order in the correct size from a glazier. Before installing the glass, make sure that it's properly cleaned, and that there are no flaws around the outside of the glass piece. Wipe away any fingerprints.  

Step 2 - Mark around the Cabinets

Remove the door from the cabinet, and take off any hardware such as hinges and handles. Use a pencil to mark around the area on the back of the cabinet (the piece facing into the cabinet when it's on the hinges), or use the masking tape to mark out the place where you wish the glass to go.

You should wipe the inside of the cabinet clean before you install the glass. Wipe it down with a wood cleaner if necessary.

Step 3 - Remove the Panel

If you haven't done so already, take off the wood where you wish the glass to go. This can be done with a jigsaw cutter, or again you can ask a specialist to do the cutting for you. Once you have removed the panel, place molding on the front of the cabinet to hold the glass in place. You can also stain the molding to match the wood frame, or even paint it in order to ensure conformity with the rest of the cabinet. When placing the moldings, make sure there is sufficient room inside the frame to hold the glass securely, once the wood is removed. Once the molding is dry, you can also add caulking to the joins.

Step 4 - Install the Glass Panel

When you've dried the cabinet door, inset the glass into the frame. Put the corner pieces in place to hold the glass securely, and then use small nails and a hammer to fit them into the cabinet. Take care to hammer the nails in securely. Protect the glass using a cardboard sheet, and then caulk the joints of the corner round. Paint over all these to secure the glass. Replace the hinges and other hardware on the cabinet door, and then replace on the cabinet. Make sure that everything is cleaned before re-installing into the cabinet.

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