How to Make Granite Cleaning Products from Common Household Ingredients How to Make Granite Cleaning Products from Common Household Ingredients

What You'll Need
Clean spray bottle
Rubbing alcohol
Few drops of dish soap or mild cleaner
Measuring cup

Making your own granite cleaning supplies can be a simple and gratifying task. You can ensure that they are safe, and at the same time you can also save money. Here are a few easy steps to help guide you through the process, along with the materials that you will need along the way.

Step 1 - Check Ingredients and Prepare

The first thing that you want to do is make sure that your dish soap of choice does not include any acid. If so, you will want to switch to a different brand or even scent, to avoid doing any damage to your granite. Then, prepare your supplies and make sure that your spray bottle is clean.

Step 2 - Mix the Solution

Place the funnel into the top of the clean spray bottle. Pour in about 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol. Then, add in your dish soap. You will want to take this step slowly and add only one drop at a time. In the end, you should have added between 3 and 5 drops of the cleaner. If you are using a hand soap, you can add more drops. However if you are using a dish soap, you may want to keep the number of drops down to around 3. Cover the top of the spray bottle and then mix the bottle in a circular motion for a few minutes. One good idea is to use a colored soap so that when you mix it into the rubbing alcohol, you can tell that it has mixed completely. While you are making this solution, if you have extra bottles, you can make a few at a time. It is easier while the ingredients are out and you can always store them until you need to use them.

Step 3 - Test It Out

Once you have made the cleaner, you can test it out to make sure that it cleans to your liking. If you find that it streaks at all or leaves a film, you will want to add more rubbing alcohol and make sure that you add fewer drops of dish soap next time.

Once you have finished using the cleaner, you will need to store it until its next use. The best place to store is in a dark place that is kept out of the heat. This will ensure that the next time you use it, it is as effective as possible. When you go to use it each time, be sure to shake it for a few seconds because if you let it sit for too long, it will separate again.

These steps should help you to make an effective granite cleaner. Be sure that when you are using it on the granite surfaces, you are not using a rough or abrasive sponge. A clean, soft rag works best.

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