How to Make Granite Cleaning Supplies from Recycled Materials How to Make Granite Cleaning Supplies from Recycled Materials

What You'll Need
Orange peels
Recycled 4-gallon container
Recycled spray bottles
Baking soda
Microfiber cloths
Plastic wrap

Knowing how to make granite cleaning supplies from recycled materials can provide earth-friendly ways to clean and save money. With a combination of environmentally safe household products and recycled items, you can make bio-friendly safe cleansers for granite surfaces with little to no effort. Granite is a very tough stone and there are no special cleaning techniques required. There is, however, a high amount of cleaning maintenance. This means that the more you can save on granite cleaning products the better.

Salt and Vinegar Solution for Daily Cleaning.

Mix three tablespoons of salt with two cups of vinegar until the salt has dissolved. Pour the solution into spray bottles and mark the bottles as daily granite solution. Fabric refresher bottles are perfect to recycle and use for this. For daily maintenance simply spray the granite surface with the solution and wipe down with a microfiber cloth.

Degreaser Solution for the Granite Surface.

Save orange peels in a plastic container. If you purchase cleaning products in bulk you can reuse a four-gallon mopping solution or multipurpose solution container for this step. Mix two cups of borax and one cup of baking soda with water and pour into the recycled four-gallon container. Carefully place the orange peels inside of the solution. Close the lid and shake. Let the solution sit overnight then pour into recycled spray bottles. Spray the solution onto the granite surface and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Baking Soda for Tough Granite Stains.

Sometimes daily and degreasing solutions do not remove the stains on granite. For those tough stains spray the stain with the daily cleaning solution of salt and vinegar. Sprinkle baking soda over the damp stain to form a paste. Cover the paste and stain with plastic wrap and leave overnight. Remove the plastic wrap and wipe the stain down with warm water followed by the degreaser solution. Reapply if necessary.

Degreaser and Stain Remover for Quick Fix Cleaning.

Accidents happen and they tend to happen at the worst times. Grease splatters and sauce splatters can cause havoc on your granite surfaces. To prevent stains from splatters recycle some left over cornstarch. Place any extra cornstarch leftover from cooking into a container near the stove. When splatters occur all you have to do is open the container and sprinkle the splatter with the cornstarch. The powder will soak up the grease and prevent it from causing stains on the granite surface until you can give the area attention. Use the degreaser solution to clean up the starch and splatter. Follow up with the daily cleaning solution for best results.

All of these solutions use products you already have in your kitchen and combine them with the spray bottles and containers you would have normally thrown away. Just by rinsing and recycling those products and using what you already have on hand you will save money and landfill space from plastics that may or may not biodegrade properly.

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