How to Make Grommet Curtains

What You'll Need
Drapery header tape
Tape measure
Rubber mallet
Grommet tool kit

Grommet curtains can add a great deal to a room. With a long sweep across a window, they draw the eye and are very effective at blocking out light. Grommet curtains are often made from heavy material and so can do a good job of keeping heat in the room. They’re not difficult to make, and that’s certainly cheaper than buying them ready-made.

Step 1 - Measuring

Begin by measuring the curtains. The grommet curtains need to be about twice as wide as the window, and the total length should be about 11 inches longer than the length of curtain that you’ll finally have. This allow for hemming.

To work on the fabric, you should have a surface where you can lay it out such as a table or countertop.  Use a blanket on the surface to protect it.

Step 2 - Drapery Tape

Cut drapery tape to the width of the grommet curtains, and apply to the top of the material. Fold the fabric over once, and then secure it in place by ironing it. Fold the material again, and use the iron once more.

This will give you the top hem for the grommet curtains, although it will still need to be sewn in place, either by hand or using a sewing machine. While doing this, you should create a bottom hem for the grommet curtains. For this, you only need to fold and sew. Be sure that you also sew the gap at the side of the grommet curtains, too.

Step 3 - Measuring for Grommets

Lay out the grommet curtains to their full width. Put your tape measure across them just down from the top but still in the hemmed area. Be certain that the tape measure is level and square along the curtains. Now, lay out the grommets along the width of the curtains, using the tape measure to be certain they’re evenly spaced. Mark the location of each grommet with a pen.

Step 4 - Cutting

You need to cut through the material at each mark, enough to make a hole all the way through. A grommet tool kit is ideal for this job, as it will give you an exact small circle, which is what you need.

Step 5 - Fixing Grommets

Working from the back of the curtains, push half of the grommet through the hole. The rim of the grommet should catch on the back of the curtains. Put the other half of the grommet over the tube that extends through the material. Tap each grommet firmly in place with a rubber mallet. Check that the grommet is secure by trying to pry it off.

Repeat with all the other grommets. After this, you’ll be ready the hang the drapes. They will either thread on to the curtain rod, or they will hang from “S” hooks that are on the curtain rod. The use of the grommet prevents any sagging in the curtain material.