How to Make Hanging Bike Racks for the Garage

What You'll Need
2- 8 inch pieces of 1-inch diameter PVC pipe, threaded both ends
4 PVC Pipe caps (threaded)
PVC cement (glue)
Drill and bit (same diameter as wood screw shank)
2-inch wood screws (2 each)
Tape measure
Straight Edge

With hanging bike racks in your garage, you can eliminate the possibility of damage and free up space. This particular design is best for bicycles less than 10 years old, due to weight issues. Older bikes are much heavier and may require additional support. Be certain to test your bike hanger for stability by holding your bike and slowly removing your hands to be certain the rack is structurally strong enough. By hanging your bike, equally supported by the cross-members, there is no fear of the wheels unbalancing.

Step 1 - Measure for Placement

For easiest lifting of the bike, place the hanging bike racks at about chest level of the person who will normally be hanging the bike. With a tape measure, determine the length of the bike, from the back wheel brace to the front wheel brace. With a stud finder, determine the spacing required such that the bike hanger will be supported by the studs (drilled into studs at both ends). If this is not possible, cut a length of 2-inch by 4-inch lumber, paint if desired, and lag bolt this into the studs for support. Using a level and straight edge, mark the length determined for the rack on the wall/lumber. Mark with "x" the ends to indicate positions for attaching PVC pipe caps and the hanging bike racks.

Step 2 - Set Pipe Caps

With a drill and bit size equal to the wood screw shank diameter, drill 1 hole in the center of each of the 2 PVC end caps. Position one PVC end cap (just drilled) at 1 of the "x" marks from Step 1. Place the end cap such that the threads are facing out, and the cap is flush to the wall/lumber. With drill and wood screw, attach the PVC end cap to wall/lumber. Continue as same with other end cap positioned at the other "x" marked in Step 1 for the hanging bike racks. Check position of PVC end caps for level. Tip: if your level is not long enough, use your straight edge to lightly draw a line across the wall/lumber at the top elevation between the end caps then check the line for level. Make any necessary adjustments.

Step 3 - Attach Pipe

Apply PVC pipe glue to both the threads of the end cap and to the threads of one end of the 8-inch PVC pipe. Screw the pipe into the end cap attached in Step 2. Repeat for the other 8-inch length of 1-inch diameter PVC pipe. Allow PVC glue to cure as directed by manufacturer. Glue the other end of each piece of PVC pipe just installed and attach the remaining 2 PVC end caps. The end caps not only make a more finished appearance, they will also provide a "lip" so the bike cannot slide off the hanging bike racks easily.