How to Make Holes in Your Drapes for Curtain Rings

  • 3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50
What You'll Need
Drapes / curtains
Curtain rings
Tape measure
Sewing machine
Curtain tape
Fabric pen

It can be fun and cost-efficient to make your own curtains, from choosing the fabric, designing and sewing them, and ultimately making holes for the curtain rings to hang them. In their simplicity, curtain rings carry out the most fundamental task: hanging the curtains over the window. Follow the easy steps below to make holes in your drapes for the curtain rings.

Step 1 - Sew Up Curtain Tape

While sewing your curtains, stitch curtain tape in between the outer drape and the lining drape at the top part of your curtains. The curtain tape will eventually be used to accommodate the eyelets and keep the material stiffer.

Step 2 - Proceed to Sew The Curtains and Making the Border

Afterward, proceed to sew the curtains and use the sewing machine to sew the border all around. At the top part allow for a fold in the borderline.

Step 3 - Calculate the Number of Holes and Mark Them

Now you can mark the spaces at regular intervals where you will make the holes for the curtain rings. Use a fabric pen to make these markings. It is best to draw circles by placing an eyelet on each spot. To ensure that the holes are evenly spaced, measure the width of the curtain and calculate how many rings you should fix so as to have the curtains hanging nicely.

You need to make sure to make just the right amount of holes. Too few holes will cause the curtains to sag as they will not be hung properly and they will appear rather unsightly. On the other hand, you do not need to make too many holes as they may appear too cluttered, and it will take a longer time and more effort for nothing. Try to make a good calculation according to the width of your curtain.

Step 4 - Cut the Holes

Use your scissors or punching machines to cut out the holes which you previously marked.

Step 5 - Snap-On the Eyelets

Each eyelet is made up of two parts. Place the larger outer circle beneath each hole and then snap the outer layer onto it from the top part so that they are fixed to the curtain’s fabric.

Step 6 - Insert the Curtain Rings

Once the eyelets have been fixed in place you can insert a curtain ring into each hole. There are various types of curtain rings available. Some are simple rings whereas others come in more oval designs and sometimes are slightly engraved or patterned. It is best to choose curtain rings that match with the curtain rod, both in material and in color.

Step 7 - Hang the Curtains

Now you can slide the rings into the curtain rod so as to hang your curtains and enjoy your finished project.

Although the whole process may take time and effort, the final result is more personalized and definitely much cheaper.