How to Make Homemade Mothballs

What You'll Need
Cloth squares, 8x8 inches
Lavender and Cedar Oil
Cotton Balls
Dried Lavender Flowers
Cedar Chips

Use mothballs to remove moisture and moth larva and prevent mold. Commercial mothballs are very toxic and flammable with a pungent smell. As an alternative to store-bought varieties, make your very own mothballs that not only smell good, but look good too. Follow the steps below to naturally keep those pesky moths from ruining your woolen clothing.

Step 1: Preparation

Place the dried lavender flowers and cedar chips on a paper plate. Add as much cedar oil and lavender oil as desired. Use this same process for the cotton balls, but only add the cedar oil to them. Let these sit out overnight so that the essential oils have time to completely saturate the materials.

Step 2: Assembly

Lay your fabric pieces out on a flat dry surface and place a teaspoon of the dried lavender flowers in the center. Next, add a few pieces of the cedar and one cotton ball on top of the flowers and cedar chips.

Step 3: Wrap It Up

When you have placed your oil-soaked items in the center of the cloth, tie it up. Lift all of the corners and bind them with the ribbon or string.  Tie is as tight as you can so that the dried flowers do not fall out.


To make this mothball bags a little more unique and decorative, buy fabric with a decorative pattern you like. Select material that is both decorative and airy, as the smell of the oil needs to be able to get through the fabric for it to be of any functional value.

You can also add other herbs or spices to make a customized scent. Avoid herbs with extremely strong smells that might override the oils and lavender buds.  

Wrap your mothball bags and give them as gifts. These functional crafts are eco-friendly, attractive and sweet-smelling.