How to Make Homemade Wedding Decorations How to Make Homemade Wedding Decorations

A traditional wedding ceremony can cost as much as $30,000, so many brides and grooms are keen to make savings on items such as wedding decorations. One solution to the cost of wedding decorations is to make them yourself. The basic materials will not cost a lot, and a few pieces made every day by the bride, groom and parents will quickly provide enough decorations for any kind of wedding.

Most couples are not home design experts, and they may have trouble deciding upon what kinds of wedding decorations to make, or may feel intimidated by the idea of making their own goods. A few tips on ideas for homemade wedding decorations can help the bride and groom, and encourage them to save money in an easy and creative way.

Turn to Nature

If you are having your wedding in spring or summer, then let nature provide some of your decorations. In fact, even if you are not having your wedding in those seasons, you can still use flowers and greenery in your wedding decorations. Silk flowers will probably be best, as you will have to make the decorations before the big day, and natural flowers tend to wilt. Consider matching the floral decorations to themes in your wedding: for example, if you are having a medieval theme, then natural flowers picked on the day can add a little old-world charm to your ceremony.

Go Cuckoo

A great way to decorate a wedding is with an aviary theme. Birds, particularly birds in cages, are a traditional romantic symbol, so look for birdcages on the internet. Paint them in wedding colors, and then fill them with silk flowers or fancies, and tie balloons to them with ribbon. Wedding suppliers will usually have a few symbolic birds among their products, so use some of those as extra wedding decorations.


One of the simplest ways to decorate your wedding ceremony or reception is with cookies and sweets. A few glass bowls quickly take on the appearance of attractive wedding decorations when you fill them with cookies wrapped in foil, and sweets in shiny wrappers. Guests can also consume these decorations, so you should have less to carry home with you when it is time to leave. You could also make an attractive bouquet accessory by hanging a few sweets from a ribbon.


If you want to go with a themed wedding that will be easy to decorate, then you can choose a wild west theme. Don't be put off by the idea that you will need 10-gallon hats and fancy dress. Remember that it is your wedding and you can do what you like. Instead, make garlands from discarded horseshoes, and buy a few old cowboy boots, and fill them with seasonal flowers for centerpieces (remember to clean the boots before you use them). Cut out your place markers in the shape of cowboy hats. Give your guests bandannas as napkins, and you can, of course, give everyone a toy cowboy hat to take home. You can also re-label your menu: frontier foods and moonshine rather than wedding cake and champagne.

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