How to Make Hybrid Tea Rose Bushes How to Make Hybrid Tea Rose Bushes

What You'll Need
Tea Rose Bush
Hybrid Perpetual Rose Bush

If you want to grow rose bushes, most people would agree that the most beautiful roses are Hybrid Teas. These bushes have a big, colorful bloom on the end of each stem and flower many times during the season. You can make these yourself through a process called grafting. 

Step 1 - The Rose Bushes

Hybrid Teas are made by crossing Tea Roses and Hybrid Perpetuals. You need to make sure that the rose bush that will act as the anchor, or stock, is healthy, in a desirable location in your garden and has all of the positive characteristics you want to pass onto your Hybrid Tea bush. Only some of the characteristics of the roses you graft onto the stock will be passed on. 

Step 2 - Grafting

Once you have decided on your rose bushes, make an incision in a branch on the stock bush. Don't cut all the way through, only through the bark. Then secure the stem of the second bush so that it is inside the incision, just touching the first inner layer. Secure the stem to the rose bush with grafting tape and twist ties. Eventually branches of Hybrid Teas will grow out of your graft.

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