How To Make Kitchen Island Furniture

What You'll Need
A 13-foot 9-inch piece that is 3-5/10 inches wide by 7/10 inches deep
A 5-foot 10 inch piece that is 2-8/10 inches wide by 7/10 inches deep
A 5-ft 10 inches piece that is 1-6/10 inches wide by 7/10 inches deep
Circular saw
Power drill
Power sander

Learning how to make kitchen island furniture includes making stools that fit to size. Follow these instructions to build a stool as your choice for custom kitchen island furniture.

Step 1–Preparation

Make sure your work area is clear and free from any obstructions. Also make sure it is well-ventilated. Examine all wood making sure you have enough to complete the project.

Step 2–Build the Legs

Use the protractor to set the sliding bevel at 85 degrees. Select the 3-5/10 by 7/10 inch piece of wood and mark a 5-degree angle. Cut this angle using a circular saw. Repeat the 5-degree cut on the 2-8/10 inch wood to get the lengths you need for the first leg. Draw a pencil line from 1-8/10 inches up across the bottom to 1-foot and 3-7/10 inches up along the inside edge. Cut along the line to create a tapered leg. Sand all edges smooth with a power sander using fine paper. Repeat this process to create all four legs.

Step 3–Top and Bottom Spreaders

Create two bottom spreaders by cutting a 1-foot and 4/10 inch length using the 1-6/10 by 7/10 inch wood. Make the same 5-degree angle cut made above at the end of each cut board that will be used as a bottom spreader. Select the 2-8/10 by 7/10 inch wood and create 2 lengths that are 2-foot by 9-1/10 inches long to make the top spreaders. Take one pair of legs and make a mark that is 7/10 of an inch from the outside edge near the top. Make another mark that is 7/10 of an inch from the edge near the bottom but also up 5 and 9/10 of an inch from the bottom of the leg. Glue the top and bottom spreaders to these marks. Repeat on the other pair. Secure the spreaders with wood screws.

Step 4–Top and Bottom Rails

Select the 2 and 8/10 by 7/10 inch wood and cut two lengths that are 1-foot 2 and 2/10 inches for the top rails. The bottom rails will be cut from the 1 and 6/10 by 7/10 inch wood to two lengths of 1-foot by 2 and 2/10 inches. Glue the nails to legs using screws through the legs into the rail ends.

Step 5–Corner Blocks

Select 2 and 8/10 by 7/10 inch wood and cut four 3 and 9/10 inch lengths. Make 45-degree mitre cuts at the ends of each board and place in each top corner between the spreaders and rails and secure these with wood screws.

Step 6–Cut the Seat

From the remaining 3 and 5/10 by 7/10 inch wood, cut three slats that are 1-foot 5 and 7/10 inch long. Make a 45-degree small triangle cut off each outside corner. Sand these smooth. Position the center slat first and secure it with glue and nails. Attach the other two equidistant to either side of the center slat.

Step 7–Finish with Color

Sand the entire stool to rough it up for a finishing application of your choice.

You can make your own cushions for your homemade furniture by visiting your local fabric store for the right materials.