How to Make Leather Swivel Bar Stools

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
6 to 12-inch diameter swivel plate
Wood glue
Circular Saw
Four 30x2x2-inch plywood
Eight 7x2x2-inch plywood
10 inch/side square plywood
14 1/2 inch diameter Leather Seat Cushion
Screws (approximately 24)
Sand Paper
Wood Stainer

Having a leather swivel bar stool in your bar or kitchen counter will give a modern and sophisticated look to the area. Since your seat will be constructed of leather, you will not be compromising on comfort. The following article will tell you how to create a simple backless stool that will be attractive while occupying minimal space.

Step 1: Decide the Characteristics

First determine the height of your counter/bar with a measuring tape. Subtract 10 inches from the determined height for estimating the bar stool height. The usual height range for stools is from 24 to 30 inches. If your cushion is big, add this height to your bar stool height also.  Consider the existing colors within the room and then choose the shade of leather you want. Leather swivel bar stools are usually done in browns and blacks to give a subtle, pub-like look. This guide will focus on wooden legs for the stool; however you can use metal also. Furthermore, the swivel can be 180 degrees, 360 degrees or memory return, meaning it readjusts itself.

Step 2:  Cutting the Wood

Know that you will not be building the swivel plate yourself since it requires factory manufacturing. Cut the plywood using the circular saw. The legs will be cut to the length determined above, say 30 inches. Cut four 30x2x2 pieces for the legs. Cut eight 7x2x2 pieces of plywood for support between the legs. Seat cushion is usually 14 1/2 inches in diameter so build a wooden support for it accordingly. A 10-inch side plywood square will suffice. Cut this too using the circular saw. Sander all the wood and smoothen the surfaces.

Step 3: Putting it Together

Attach the wood by wood glue and further secure it by screws. Place two of the 30-inch legs next to each other. Attach one 7-inch piece between the two, 6-inch from the top of the leg (leaving room for the cushion). Attach another 20 inches apart from the first. Replicate this step to have two such A-shaped structures.

You will now have to combine the two using the four remainder 7-inch pieces. Hold the A-shaped structures such they are facing each other. Attach one 7-inch piece between them, perpendicular to the previously attached piece on top. Attach another one 20 inches below the first one, and hence perpendicular to the previously attached bottom piece. Allow the structure to lie on the already joined surface and repeat this step. All the four legs are now joined. Attach the 10 inch square right on top of this structure by screwing each side to each of the four legs. The swivel plate has two discs. Screw the lower disc to the plywood square. Now place your leather cushion on top of the plate and attach the upper disc to the seat.

Step 4: Finishing

Finish your project by staining the plywood with a shade of your choice. Since you are using a leather cushion, consider dark shades to give it a sophisticated look.