How to Make Mice Repellent

What You'll Need
Balls of cotton or moth balls
Peppermint oil
Clove oil
A spray bottle

An infestation of mice in a home, barn or garden building can be incredibly frustrating. As well as the destruction that mice can cause to property and possessions, their dropping present a health hazard particularly in area where food is prepared. Mice also carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans so eliminating them from your property is essential.

The following article describes an effective method of creating your own mice repellant using a number of articles that can be found in most homes. The repellant is natural and completely safe to use around children or pets.

Step One – Making a Mixture

Take the spray bottle with a capacity of at least 20 fluid ounces and remove the lid. Add 8 fluid ounces of water to the bottle and mix in 8 fluid ounces of peppermint oil and 4 fluid ounces of clove oil. Replace the lid of the spray bottle and shake the contents thoroughly so that all of the core ingredients are mixed together. This solution will act as your mice repellant.

Step Two – Spray onto Balls

Take a number of moth balls or cotton wool balls and spray them liberally with the mixture from the spray bottle. Make sure that each ball receives a through soaking to maximize the effect of the repellant.

The soaked balls should be strategically placed along the perimeters of rooms and building where the mice infestation is most apparent. Like rats, mice tend to move along the perimeters of rooms so that they cannot be easily spotted or attacked by predators or humans.

It is also important to place soaked balls at suspected entry points into a room. Make sure that any suspicious small holes are plugged with cotton wool balls or mothballs.

Step Three – Spraying

Use the remaining mixture directly from the spray bottle and apply a generous dose to the entire perimeter of rooms where mice infestations are suspected. If you have a surplus of mixture left, consider spraying areas where mice are likely to be present. Spraying your basement or the outside perimeter of your home can have a significant effect in deterring mice from entering your property.

Step Four – Carry Out Regular Applications of Repellant

The potency of your mice repellant will only last a few days. Wear latex gloves to pick up old pieces of cotton wool or moth balls and replace them with fresh pieces. Once again, the balls should be generously soaked with a freshly mixed repellant so that mice are deterred. Continue changing the repellant and balls on a twice-weekly basis until the infestation disappears.

Step Five – Additional Steps

Try to eliminate sources of food in rooms where mice infestations are apparent. As well as attacking food directly, mice will chew their way through food containers and packaging. Use glass or metal containers to store food items and make sure that trash cans are covered with metal lids.