How to Make Mudrooms Kid Friendly

What You'll Need
Coat hooks
Floor mats
Bench / shoe rack combo

If you have children, you may be curious about how to make your home's mudroom more kid friendly. If so, it may interest you to learn that there are a number of easy and effective ways to make your mudroom more appealing and useful to children.

Step 1 - Add Some Variety to Your Coat Hooks

If your family uses wall-mounted coat hooks instead of individual lockers, try adding some variety. Instead of having each hook be the same color, buy coat hooks that conform to your children's favorite shades. This will help show your kids that the mudroom is an area in which they should feel welcome. Paint a designated hook for each child, and consider hanging each at a different height for better accessibility.

Step 2 - Paint Your Lockers

If individual lockers are your mudroom storage tool of choice, paint each of your children's lockers their favorite color. This can also be a good activity in which to include the kids. In addition to their favorite colors, your children can paint various types of symbols and designs on their respective lockers. If this proves successful, you may want to consider painting your mudroom bench in a similar fashion.

Step 3 - Absorbent Floor Mats

If you have small children, make sure your mudroom features absorbent floor mats. These mats will soak up all the moisture from wet or muddy footwear, effectively preventing potential slipping hazards and keeping your floor safe from stains.

Step 4 - Bench / Shoe Rack Combos

If you're short on space and don't have room for both a mudroom bench and a shoe rack, you may want to consider a bench / shoe rack combo. This will give your kids a comfortable place to sit while putting on their shoes and help prevent lost footwear.