How to Make Natural Mosquito Nets

What You'll Need
White Cotton Sheeting
Mosquito Netting Tulle
White Thread
Sewing Needle
Sewing Machine

A natural mosquito net can be used to stop mosquito attacks and reduce the risk of disease that they carry, such as West Nile disease and malaria. Although commercial mosquito netting can be purchased from a sporting goods store or other type of specialty retailer, making your own mosquito net can be undertaken by the do-it-yourselfer.

This article outlines the steps and materials needed to make your own mosquito net for home use or to be used when camping and in areas that have a higher exposure to mosquito attacks.

Step 1: Purchase Materials to Construct the Mosquito Net

You will need to go to a fabric store, sporting goods or other specialty retailer that sells mosquito netting tulle. If you cannot find this material in your community, you will need to go online in order to order the netting. The amount of netting that you need will depend on the distance from you bed to the ceiling or area in which the mosquito netting will hang. Purchase a generous amount of netting as it is better to cut and trim to size than to not have enough netting. The cost of good mosquito netting tulle depends on the retailer.

Step 2: Construct a Box Top for the Mosquito Netting

The white cotton sheeting should be cut and trimmed in order to create a box in which to sew the netting to. The length of the cotton box form should be the length and width of your bed. You will need to create loops as well that will be used to suspend the mosquito netting from the ceiling. After you cut the sheet to form and create the box form, attach the loops at each of the corners and in the middle sections of the sheet. Attach the sheet using the needle and thread.

Step 3: Attach the Mosquito Netting Tulle to the Cotton Sheet

Sew the mosquito netting tulle at the edges of the cotton box frame using the sewing machine. The mosquito netting should be one piece that wraps around the bed with an overlapping flap in the front or side in order to enter and exit the bed. Take your time to attach the netting carefully so that it secure and cannot be pulled of the white cotton sheeting.

Step 4: Hang the Netting to the Ceiling

Use eye hooks placed into the ceiling studs in order to attach the netting assembly. Use a light chain or strong cord to attach the mosquito netting by the loops into the hooks. The loops should be durable enough the keep the netting in place and allow it to hang.

If the netting hangs to low on the floor, making it difficult to enter the bed, make cuts at the bottom to hem the netting and make it more appropriate for the ceiling to floor heigh