How to Make Outdoor Shutters How to Make Outdoor Shutters

What You'll Need
6 (1x6 inch) Lumber, 8 feet long
Measuring Tape
Wood screws
4 T-notched hinges
2 Shutter dogs
Side bolts
Exterior Primer Paint

If you wish to control the amount of light entering your home, wish for more privacy or simply to protect your home from outside weather elements, then installing outdoor shutters is the best solution. Moreover, while these shutters add more security to your house they also lend character. Shutters are generally bought made to measure but it won’t be a bad idea if you try to make them yourself. Here are some steps to follow and the required tools to build a pair of outdoor shutters.

Step 1 – Take Measurements

Start by measuring the exterior casement of the window with a measuring tape. In order for the shutters to fit properly, you must subtract half an inch from the height and width of the casement. Then divide the width in half to determine the size of each shutter since they are commonly made in pairs.

Step 2 – Cut the Lumber

Now continue by cutting the wood according to your measurements of the window. Make sure to cut them accurately and if necessary get some help to handle the lumber. Apart from the boards, you also need to cut two battens for every shutter using the same width.

Step 3 – Place the Boards

Place the boards next to each other and then place the battens perpendicularly on the top. This should help you get an idea on how will the shutters look once finished. In addition, the two battens must be placed 8 inches away from the shutter’s top and bottom. Then drill a couple of holes on every batten which also pass through the boards and use some screws to fasten them together.

Step 4 – Paint the Shutters

Once ready, you can proceed by painting the shutters. If necessary, apply a primer coat before painting and try to use a matching color to compliment the rest of your house. Make sure to leave the shutters to dry completely for a couple of days before hanging them.

Step 5 – Installation

Begin the installation process by laying the shutters down with the front facing down and mark with a pencil where are you going to screw the side bolts. Screw them in place and then open them up. Mark also the spots where the hinges are going to be placed both on the battens and on the windowsill. Use the included screw to fasten the hinges and if necessary use some shims to add some strength. Then attach both shutters to the hinges and the job is nearly complete.

Step 6 – The Shutter Dogs

Open the two shutters completely to help you calculate where you are going to place the shutter dogs. Once marked, drill two holes and use a bolt for each one and fasten to the house with a wrench.

That’s it. Now the outdoor shutters are correctly installed and the job is done. If necessary, spray some lubricant on the hinges to avoid squeaking and try to cover the shutters in summer to protect against direct sunlight.

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