How to Make Plantation Blinds

What You'll Need
Woven Blinds
Measuring Tape
Bi-Fold Wooden door
Blind Cutter

Plantation blinds are a simple way to add a peaceful charm to your home, but they also are great to spruce up the look of your house. What is even better, is that they never really go out of style, and have a timeless appeal. Not only are these high on aesthetic appeal, plantation blinds add security to your home, and also keep your room warm or cool, according to the season. The best part is that you can make these blinds right at home, which is a fairly cost-effective idea. A little work with a disciplined approach makes the plantation blinds ready in a short span of time.

Step 1: Choose the Plantation Blinds

Since you are planning to install the blinds all by yourself, select the kind of blind you want. There are large varieties available in the market. They might be of wood, woven ones or even of faux wood. Once you purchase them, these can be used with few other materials to make lovely plantation blinds. We will work here with woven blinds.

Step 2: Taking Measurements

Carefully take note of the dimensions of the window where you want to put up the blinds, specifically its height. All you need to do now is make the slats ready for the blinds according to their width.

Step 3: Setting-Up the Blind Frames

Buy a bi-fold door from the hardware shop. Using a miter saw, cut out the door from its top part to shorten it to the height of the window you measured. Now, cut out the required portion of the bi-fold door body, so that the space created is perfect for the woven blinds to fit in. Here we are using 2 woven blinds. Make sure that you use the saw carefully, so that the measurement of the frame is perfect for the blinds.

Step 4: Removing the Slats

Remove the extra slats, if any, to accommodate the woven blinds. Now, use the cut out part of the door, to make the top portion of the blind. Aligning the scrap piece with the top edge of the blind. Drill holes in the corners, leaving an inch from the ends of the edge and the scrap piece. Now, drive in screws and tighten them. Ensure that it fits symmetrically. The plantation blinds will look as if the woven blind pieces have been placed within a frame of wood.

Step 5: Final Steps

Now your blinds are ready for fitting. Check to see if they have to be reduced in size. If so, neatly cut off the extra parts with the aid of a blind cutter. Put them up with the help of window hinges. If they are wider than required, you can let them be so, but for a cleaner look, mount them using an outside mount. Your plantation blinds are all ready, and without any professional help.