How to Make Relaxed Roman Shades

Save yourself hours of work by making flouncy, relaxed roman shades instead of stiffly folding shades with several pocketed dowels. They can be machine-washed when sewn in washable fabric. Use a strand of large plastic beads as the hem weight.

Measure Width and Length, Cut and Sew Fabric

For inside the window frame, measure from top to bottom and across the top and center of window. Use the narrower of the two widths for your shade. Add 4 inches to the length for hemming. Cut 2 pieces of fabric of identical weight and sew together down the sides. Leave the bottom 2 inches open to insert the shade weight. Sew together as for regular roman shades. Make and attach a 1x1 inch headrail to the window, adding eyelet screws at the spacing of the shade cords. Attach the looped velcro tape to the headrail.

Add the Lifting Cords

Sew three ring tape ribbons onto the back of the shade, 1 at 2 inches in from each edge. Center the third between them. Cut three cords the length of the blind plus the width. Tie each to a bottom ring and thread up to the top. Run cords through the headrail hooks and press the top velcro strip to the headrail.