How to Make Rock Wall Holds

What You'll Need
Different kinds of rocks
SDS Hammer Drill

Using rock wall holds is a great way to improve your wall climbing skills. Rock wall holds are easy to make as well. Follow these easy steps to learn how. 

Step 1-Gather Rocks

Look for different kinds of large rocks that are easy to grip with your hands. Choose rocks that are flat.

Step 2-Drill Holes

Use an SDS hammer drill and carefully drill holes through each of the rocks that you chose. Make sure that the holes are perpendicular to the rock’s flattest spot. Keep in mind that some rocks may break apart as you do this. Have some extra rocks ready.

Step 3-Smoothen Out the Edges

Use a hammer and tap on the rough edges of the rocks to flatten or smooth them out. Try grabbing onto the rocks after to test if they are comfortable enough to grab.

Step 4-Bolt the Rocks

Use bolts that can penetrate through the hole that you drilled on the rock. Be sure that it is secured on the wall. Use T-nuts to secure them in place.