How to Make Roll Up Shades

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Straight edge
Pull up shade kit
Custom material

Making roll up shades can be a great way to customize the look of any room. This task is easily accomplished by any person that has a little time and basic knowledge of making crafts. Basically, if you can work a pair of scissors, cut a straight line, and can work an iron, there is absolutely no reason to purchase boring roll up shades or to hire a professional designer to custom make some.

Step 1: Take Exact Measurements

Use a tape measure to get the exact width and height measurements of the window in which the roll up shade will be placed. After getting the exact measurements, add a few inches to the bottom of the shade. If the shade will run along the outside of the window, a few inches also have to be added to the sides, allowing the roll up shade to overlap all the edges of the window. If the shade will be placed inside of the window frame then make sure to use the exact inside measurement for the width, otherwise the shade will catch on the edges and cause problems when opening and closing.

Step 2: Trim the Shade and Cut the Material

Using the measurements that were acquired in the previous step, trim the shade and the material to the required lengths and widths. Make sure to use some type of straight edge to ensure that everything is level and straight.

Step 3: Attach the Material to the Roll Up Shade

The roll up shade kit should have come with a self sticking shade. In order to attach the chosen material onto it, an iron has to be used. Stretch the fabric out over the top of the surface of the shade and force out any uneven spots. After the material is in place, use a hot iron to slowly press it down onto the actual shade. Make sure to heat the entire area, especially the corners, so that the material is attached securely. Trim any excess fabric after it has been allowed to set.

Step 4: Hang the Mounting Brackets

While the shade is given time to set properly, the mounting brackets can be installed onto the window. The kit should have come with all of the required brackets and screws, so take a power screw gun, or a basic screwdriver, and attach them, according to the given directions. Make sure that the brackets are secured tightly and straight along the window frame, otherwise problems may occur when opening and closing the roll up shade.

Step 5: Hang the Shade

After the material has had time to bond to the shade, it can be set into place on the mounting brackets. To do this, simply push the ends of the shade into the holes provided on the brackets. Some of these require you to twist the ends after they have slide into place, so be sure to read the instructions given with the kit.