How to Make Roman Blinds How to Make Roman Blinds

What You'll Need
1/2 plastic rings
1 1/4 ' Wooden Strips of Dowelling
Wooden Acorn
Wall Cleat
Nylon Cord that is 2X the Length and Width of Blinds
1 Wooden Batten
4 Screw Eyelets
Stick & Sew Velcro

Roman blinds are a beautiful and sophisticated way to decorate your windows. Pair them with curtains or use them by themselves. You will find that you will be able to save a lot of money and ensure that you get exactly what you want if you decide to make them yourself. Making roman blinds is a task that just about anybody can do. As long as you have the proper tools and instructions, this will be a simple and quick job.

Step 1 – Measure

The most important part of this job is to make sure that you get the measurements right. You will need to get your wooden batten hung in the correct position. If the blinds are to be inside of the recess of your window, then they will need to be underneath the window frame. If they are to be outside of the recess, then hang it above the frame.

Step 2 – Velcro

You will need to get the Velcro attached to your wooden batten. Once it has been properly attached, you will be able to properly calculate the amount of fabric that you will need. You will need to measure from the top of your batten to the location that you wish to have your blinds hang. Allow for pattern matching when you are making your measurements.

Step 3 – Cut

Once you have the proper amount of fabric, you are ready to begin cutting. Remember when you are making your cuts to add an additional two inches to the width as well as to the length. This is to allow for side seams and hems. Make sure when you are cutting the lining that you cut it to the same measurements that you do for the top fabric.

Step 4 – Pin

Once the fabric has been cut, lay it on a flat surface. The fabric should be laid right side up, lay the lining down on top of the fabric with the wrong side up. Match the raw edges and smooth out the creases and wrinkles. Pin them together, then stitch along the bottom edges as well as down the sides. Trim the bottom two corners and then make another row of stitches along the bottom.

Step 5 – Stitch

Whenever you are doing machine stitching, make sure that the outer stitching is as inconspicuous as possible. From there, you will need to hand sew the plastic rings into the outer part of the curtains. Also, slide the wooden dowelling into the pockets of the fabric.

Step 6 – Hang

When you are ready to hang the curtains, make sure that you do so by pressing the Velcro together. An eyelet will then need to be screwed in underneath the batten and above the line of rings that is on the blinds. Knot the nylon cord after cutting it into three sections. Thread the cords through the ring lines and the eyes on the batten.

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