How to Make Roman Shades from Mini Blinds

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  • 4-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-150
What You'll Need
Mini blinds
Tape measure
Fabric glue

Roman shades can be used to dress up windows and give the room a fashionable and classy appearance. However, these shades are expensive and do not always fit into the budget. One easy way to dress your windows without spending too much money is to convert inexpensive mini blinds into Roman shades.

Decide the Number of Folds Needed

Measure the length of your window. You should allow for an extra inch at the bottom so that your shade covers the window completely. Next, decide the number of folds that you want. Most shades have three to four folds; however, you can make up to eight to nine folds, depending on the window length. The number of folds divided by the total length of the shades will give you an idea of how to space your folds. For example, if your total length is 6 feet and you want six-folds, each fold will be 1 foot apart. Also, the number of folds will determine the number of slats that you leave on the blinds.

Remove Extra Slats

Make sure that the size of your mini blinds is suited to fit your window. Then, lay your blinds face-down on the ground. On the back of the blinds, you will find horizontal strings that hold the slats. These are the thin titling or ladder-like strings, and not the vertical lift cord. Use your scissors to carefully cut these strings. Next, remove the plastic plugs that are on the bottom bar. Then, remove this bar and keep it aside. Once the bottom bar is out, simply pull off the remaining slats, leaving behind only as many as you need for the folds. Next, attach the bottom bar on the vertical cord at the point where the length of the vertical cord corresponds with the window length plus an extra inch). Remove all excess cord.

Cut the Fabric

Lay the fabric face-down on the floor, and place the mini blind (also face-down) on it. Space the remaining slats evenly, depending on the desired number of folds. Be careful when doing this and ensure that the fabric is wrinkle-free and the blind is centered. Now, cut away all extra fabric, leaving behind only the fabric needed to cover the blind and about 2 inches on all sides.

Glue the Fabric

Fold the extra inches of fabric onto the top slat and glue it on using fabric glue. With the top done, you next need to stick the remaining slats (front side) to the fabric; make sure to double-check their spacing. Then, start with the two sides, folding the fabric in as you glue it on the sides of the slats. Lastly, glue the bottom end of the fabric on to the base bar. Always ensure that your vertical lift cord does not get any glue on it. Allow the glue to completely dry.

Hang Your Shades

Once dry, simply hang your new Roman shades in the same way as you would your blinds. If your lift cord was kept glue-free, your Roman shades should be in perfect working order.